Work packages

SisAl Pilot is organised in 6 inter-connected work packages, The experimental WPs 1-3 each have an initial, separate phase of process and raw material optimisation, followed by the piloting phase where WPs are connected by their material-flow along the three silicon product lines; MG-Si, HP-Si and Al-Si alloy (with associated products slag/MGA, HPA). The pilots (process performance, product specifications) are subsequently evaluated in a last phase. WPs 4-6 are structured to complement and support the timing and results of the technical activities.

In WP1, the different in-going raw materials such as quartz/lime, Al scrap, Al dross and Si slags as well as output metal/alloy products slags and alumina, will be analysed, characterised and tested. Raw material mixes will be delivered to WP2. In WP2, different variations of the aluminothermic reduction of silicate slags will be optimised in medium scale laboratories of NTNU, RWTH and FRey, followed by >10 campagnas in the 400kW furnace at Elkem, 2+1 pilot campaigns in the 1MW furnace at RWTH, and 1 pilot campaign in the 3MW furnace at MNTK. These campaigns will be run jointly with staff and operators from industry and institutes. FRey will choose induction or rotary furnace operation for its campaign, looking to evaluate the process operation towards industrial production. In WP3, slags resulting from pre-testing and the pilot campaigns will be mechanically and hydrometallurgical treated by MYTIL/NTUA/NTNU to separate calcia and alumina to produce MGA and HPA. Also in WP3, the pre-pilot phase will establish treatment parameters as to achieve different type of products. Applications for the alumina products will be explored based on analysis and morphology. In WP4, business models, detailed economic modelling and commercial exploitation activities, will be the main focus, while in WP5, technical flow-sheet modelling of the value chain, as a basis for exploitation and environmental impact studies, will be carried out. WP6 is dedicated to dissemination and communication activities as well as clustering with other relevant projects, consortia and programs. WP7 contains management activities.


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