HydroMetEC: Hydrometallurgy in raw materials utilization – an educational and communication programme

16 Mar 2023

Next September 2023 it will take place online the Life Long Learning Course: HydroMetEC: Hydrometallurgy in raw materials utilization – an educational and communication programme. The event is a 3-day comprehensive course in Hydrometallurgy given by recognized academia and industrial experts.

HydroMetEC is a lifelong learning program organized within EIT Raw Materials academy, coordinated by NTNU. It will educate engineers from industry, scientist at RTOs, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students about hydrometallurgy. Employees from mining, metallurgical, recycling and chemical industry are welcome to attend the project events about primary and secondary raw materials and their treatments in hydrometallurgical processes. Hydrometallurgical processes have become more important in recent years to extract and recycle various metals from different sources and in establishing circular economy to address the environmental challenges in different sectors.

HydroMetEC will provide innovative professional training courses by applying digital approaches and tools, organizing international seminars, as well as building a European network in the field. These will consolidate the EIT portfolio in EIT-labelled activities. An online course will be given each year and a physical international seminar will be organised in 2024 and 2026.

  • An introductory course providing fundamental knowledge about hydrometallurgical processes and typical process units for metal extraction, and case examples focusing on units used in Europe.
  • International seminars focusing on hydrometallurgical processing of primary raw materials, critical material extraction, metal recovery from secondary resources, sustainability as well as the value chain of metal production and supply (resources, market, societal impact – energy consumption and environmental footprint).

Who should attend?

From industry and academia; engineers, scientists, researchers, technologists, postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers in hydrometallurgy or related fields. Young or experienced individuals looking to broaden their knowledge outside their current field.

Participants will be awarded a certificate on completion of the course.

More informatio are available at this link.