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Best wishes from SisAl Pilot!

21 Dec 2022

SisAl Pilot partners want to wish you all the best for the upcoming holidays!

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Join the online CORALIS workshop on industrial decarbonization (19.12.2022)

06 Dec 2022

We are glad to inform you that the CORALIS project is organizing an online workshop, titled “Thrive in the energy transformation: Bringing industrial decarbonisation alive […]

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Hybrid course and seminar in Hydrometallurgy, November 21-24, Athens

14 Nov 2022

SisAl Pilot is glad to invite you to a hybrid course and seminar in Hydrometallurgy, which will be held on November 21-24 in Athens. Registrations […]

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SisAl Pilot at ECOMONDO 2022

08 Nov 2022

Our dissemination manager Valentina Cinti is presenting the SisAl Pilot Project in the frame of the ECOMONDO  event,  taking place in Rimini (Italy), from 8 to 11 November. The SisAl Pilot […]

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Great success for SisAl Pilot Clustering event!

10 Oct 2022

On October 6th SisAl Pilot partners jointly organized with EIT Raw Materials a clustering event, where more than 30 experts gathered to discuss how to […]

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The project coordinator interview at FUNDICIONES REY

28 Sep 2022

In June 2022, the project coordinator Gabriella Tranell from NTNU was interviewed on TV at FUNDICIONES REY premises, in Spain. The whole project consortium was […]

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Let’s meet Nishan Simkhada, MSc student at NTNU

15 Sep 2022

Meet one of the MSc students contributing to the SisAl Pilot Project: Nishan Simkhada is conducting experiments to test the sustainable SisAl process for silicon […]

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Meet one of SisAl Pilot’s PhD students: Harald Philipson

08 Sep 2022

Meet one of SisAl Pilot’s PhD students Harald Philipson and get to know more about the project and his contribution to the demonstration of the […]

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New SisAl Pilot article on Teknisk ukeblad magazine

04 Aug 2022

In June a new SisAl Pilot article, elaborated by the project coordinator NTNU, was published on the Norwegian technical weekly magazine “Teknisk Ukeblad”. A short […]

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SisAl Pilot consortium visit at FUNDICIONES REY

30 Jun 2022

The consortium visit at FUNDICIONES REY of last week!

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SisAl Pilot on the daily Galician Television News!

27 Jun 2022

Last week SisAl Pilot project coordinator was interviewed on the daily Galician Television News reaching out an audience of more than 170.000 people. Gabriella Tranell […]

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SisAl Pilot progress meeting in Santiago de Compostela

21 Jun 2022

The SisAl pilot partners gathered in Santiago de Compostela for the M24 progress meeting, hosted by CITMaga, at the Faculty of Maths, Partners discussed the […]

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SisAl Pilot tests campaign: the slag product

17 Jun 2022

In addition to silicon, the SisAl Pilot process produces a calcium-aluminate slag with a high alumina content. The slag can either be sold to the […]

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The silicon product of the SisAl Pilot tests campaign

10 Jun 2022

The silicon product produced during the pilot experiments at Elkem is a silicon-aluminium alloy. The alloy itself is of interest to the partners in the […]

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SisAl Pilot tests campaign: the robot

01 Jun 2022

At Elkem’s pilot site in Kristiansand, an IRB 7600-500/2,55 Industrial Robot is used for handling the moulds with hot metal. The robot carefully moves the […]

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SisAl Pilot process: the pouring

23 May 2022

In this new video shot during the SisAl Pilot tests campaign implemented at Elkem premises, we can see the furnace during pouring. The furnace is […]

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SisAl Pilot process: new video about sampling

10 May 2022

Samples are taken continuously to study the reduction of silica with aluminium to form silicon. The samples can be taken by using a small sampling […]

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SisAl Pilot: Charging and Stirring

02 May 2022

During the pilot trials at Elkem, three different charging strategies are used. Two of them starts of by heating the SiO-CaO-slag, and then adding the […]

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Visit at Mintek

27 Apr 2022

Last in week Maria Wallin, from NTNU (the project coordinator), visited the fully equipped lab-scale, the analytical labs and pilot facilities installed at Mintek, in […]

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The furnace used in the tests at Elkem

15 Apr 2022

Today we are glad to share with you the video about the furnace used in the tests implemented by SisAl Pilot. The furnace at Elkem […]

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They talk about us on the Teknisk Ukeblad in Norwegian!

01 Apr 2022

The Teknisk Ukeblad (TU, English: Technical Weekly Magazine), a Norwegian engineering magazine, published an article about SisAl Pilot on March 21st, potentially reaching more than 150.000 readers. […]

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SisAl Pilot tests at Fundiciones Rey in Galicia (Spain)

31 Mar 2022

The SisAl Pilot Project has so far carried out 9 pilot experiments at Fundiciones Rey in Galicia (Spain). Fundiciones Rey is testing the variables of the novel […]

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The raw materials used in the pilot: new video released

21 Mar 2022

The raw materials used in the pilot are aluminium, silica and calcium oxide. The aluminium sources are shavings, dross and blocks, supplied by Hydro. A […]

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First video of the SisAl Pilot tests implemented at Elkem released!

10 Mar 2022

Elkem Technology Pilot Department has conducted the first large-scale aluminothermic experiments, with 22 pilot experiments, in Kristiansand in Norway. Different raw material mixes has been […]

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SisAl Pilot article released in Norwegian newspaper

16 Feb 2022

An article about the SisAl Pilot project was published on the Fedrelandsvennen newspaper today! The project coordinator from NTNU and the Elkem team were interviewed […]

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Hydrometallurgy in raw materials utilization Course

14 Feb 2022

In the frame of the Life Long Learning project “HydroMetEC – Hydrometallurgy in raw materials utilization” an Advanced Course focusing on the “Introduction to Hydrometallurgy” will […]

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Brainstorming session at Mintek

03 Feb 2022

On February 2, some project partners had a very interesting brainstorming session related to SisAl project challenges at Mintek, in South Africa. Technical experts in Pyrometallurgy […]

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SisAl Pilot project review meeting

12 Jan 2022

Today the whole SisAl Pilot team gathered virtually to host a very fruitful and intense review meeting online. The consortium assessed the results achieved in the […]

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21 Dec 2021

The SisAl Pilot Project and its partners are glad to thank you all for the collaboration and support shown so far! Many new updates will be published […]

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Project meeting in Aachen

06 Dec 2021

After eighteen months of activities, many partners gathered face-to-face at the RWTH Aachen University to finally attend a hybrid SisAl Pilot Project meeting. Brilliant discussions […]

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