SisAl pilot partners jointly working on tests at ELKEM premises

23 Sep 2021

This week, during the SisAl pilot test campaign, two operators from Wacker Norway were present at Elkem Pilot in Kristiansand to assist in the tests and learn about the SisAl Pilot project process. The Wacker operators, Synnøve Dalum and Iver Gjerdevik, joined the Elkem teams for day- and afternoon shifts during four pilot tests.

The main scope for the SisAl pilot tests run in week 38, was to refine silicon metal by sculls provided by Wacker in a dedicated purification process. Silicon from previous SisAl Pilot tests at Elkem, containing approx. 10% aluminum and 17% calcium, were smelted and refined with sculls containing mostly silicon dioxide.

We are happy to announce that preliminary test results shows that the refining process was successful in removing aluminium and calcium from the original silicon, and the silicon concentration ended up at appr. 98 %

Thanks to the Wacker operators for their contributions during two interesting pilot days!


Iver Gjerdevik and Synnøve Dalum from Wacker with casted silicon after refining


Wacker and Elkem teams in front of the SisAl pilot furnace


Elkem test responsibles Christa Nimbona and Veronika Djupvik with Synnøve Dalum and Iver Gjerdevik from Wacker in the pilot control room.