Visit at Mintek

27 Apr 2022

Last in week Maria Wallin, from NTNU (the project coordinator), visited the fully equipped lab-scale, the analytical labs and pilot facilities installed at Mintek, in South Africa.

During the visit the upcoming pilot trial at Mintek, details around that trial and RWTHs upcoming pilot trail that will be conducted at Elkems facilities in June 2022 were discussed.

In the frame of the SisAl Pilot process, RWTHs pilot trail represents an important input to Mintek and their upcoming trials. Mintek is also planning to visit Elkem during the trails to ensure good knowledge transfer between the pilots in the project.

In the picture, you can see Sello Tsebe  (Mintek) and Maria Wallin (NTNU) nearby the furnace that will be used in the project.