24 Apr 2024

On April 17-18, NTNU organized a European Conference about the importance of circular value chains, in Brussels.

With ever-increasing geopolitical tensions, Europe has to become more independent of third-country resources such as China and Russia, in order to meet the green and digital shift. To succeed in this, we must maximize the value of our raw materials by closing the material loops by using waste and side streams. This requires the development of circular value chains through the establishment of new robust industrial partnerships.

NTNU is at the forefront of several major EU-funded initiatives where the aim of one project is to close the material loops in the silicon and aluminum industry, through the patented SisAl process. In this process, aluminum scrap or dross is used instead of carbon to produce silicon from quartz (silicon oxide), with no direct process emissions of CO2. If we succeed, the SisAl process will make a strong contribution to more circular value chains through industrial symbiosis where the aluminum industry will function as both raw material supplier and end user to the silicon industry.

Read more about the NTNU EU conference and how SisAl Pilot can be instrumental in this process!

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