Latest developments in the challenging Sisal Pilot Process

14 Feb 2024

Yesterday the SisAl Pilot partners gathered virtually to assess the status of the activities that have been implemented so far and how to ensure to reach its challenging project outcomes.

We have shared the main progress in the novel industrial process to produce silicon, by enabling a shift from today’s carbothermic Submerged Arc Furnace (SAF) process to a far more environmentally and economically sustainable alternative. The SisAl project is in its final year so more focus is pointing on the life cycle assessment of the process and on the project exploitation. The development of business models dealt with economic modelling, and exploitation activities, both commercial and non-commercial. Valorizing secondary raw materials is a key feature of the SisAl concept, and business cases are being developed for specific European locations (such as Norway, Iceland, Spain and Greece) with favorable conditions regarding access to secondary raw materials.

We are ready now for the next steps to be taken, and to get ready for our next physical meeting in Johannesburg and the final pilot trial that will take place at Mintek!

Stay tuned to know more!